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I. Atorvastatin Medication

Generic Atorvastatin is used with a low-fat diet to lower cholesterol.

Atorvastatin medication is the #1-prescribed cholesterol-lowering drug in the United States — and the world.

Atorvastatin medication is proven to reduce your risk of having a heart attack by 36%.

And, along with diet and exercise:

Generic Atorvastatin is backed by more than 400 ongoing and completed clinical trials.

Generic Atorvastatin lowers LDL cholesterol by blocking an enzyme in the liver that your body uses to make cholesterol. When less cholesterol is produced, the liver uses up more of it from the bloodstream. This results in lower levels in your blood.

Cholesterol Reducing Drugs: Information on Atrovastation

Cholesterol-reducing (Atorvastatin) drugs are mediciation that lower the amount of cholesterol (a fat-like substance) in the blood.

Cholesterol: Atrovastation Information

cholesterol plays important roles in the structure of cells and in the production of hormones. But too much cholesterol in the blood can lead to heart and blood vessel disease. Cholesterol is a chemical that can do both good and harm in the body. To complicate matters, not all cholesterol contributes to heart and blood vessel problems.

Some cholesterol is needed for good health, But too much cholesterol in your blood can raise your risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

The additional cholesterol in your blood may be stored in your arteries (blood vessels) and cause the arteries to narrow. (This is called atherosclerosis.) Large deposits of cholesterol can completely block an artery, so the blood cannot flow through leading to heart probem.


Chlolesterol Levels:

Total cholesterol level

  • Less than 200 is best.
  • Between 200 to 239 is borderline high.
  • 240 or more means you're at increased risk for heart disease.

LDL cholesterol levels

  • Less than 130 is best.
  • Between 130 to 159 is borderline high.
  • 160 or more means you're at higher risk for heart disease.

HDL cholesterol levels

Side effects of Atrovastation (Cholesterol Reducing drugs)

Patients who have constipation while taking Atrovastation cholesterol-reducing drugs should bring the problem to a physician's attention as soon as possible.

Additional side effects of Atrovastation are possible. Anyone who has unusual symptoms while taking cholesterol-reducing drugs should get in touch with his or her physician.

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