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Why Generic Drugs?

Why we recommend Generic Drugs?, a premier online drugstore  endeavors  to offer a platform where consumers can avail of drugs and  healthcare products at highly affordable prices. This is possible by offering these drugs in their generic version to our customers. specializes in sourcing and retailing  crucial medications from leading health and pharmaceutical companies across the world.

We offer the same medications at between 1/3rd to 1/10th the U.S. retail price, either from different companies or  from the same US companies manufacturing the same drug under different brand names.


How Generic Drugs are equivalent to Branded Drugs?

The same medication with the same generic constituents i.e. bioequivalent drug is sold under different brand names in different countries, sometimes by the same multi-national company. And  most importantly, at  varying prices, depending on the  manufacturing country, cost of manufacture, marketing investment, distribution and pharmacy chain margins, etc.

A generic drug is identical, or bioequivalent to a brand name drug in dosage form, safety, strength, route of administration, quality, performance characteristics and intended use. Obviously, there is no difference between a branded medication and its generic ingredient. The only difference is that it is a lot cheaper, because we source the generic from other companies and/or the same companies' branches in other countries. We only source from leading multi-national and FDA-approved health and pharmaceutical companies globally.


Facts about Generic Drugs

The Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality reports that, "consumer spending for prescribed medicines rose from $72.3 billion in 1997 to $154 billion in 2001 and will be $300 billion in 2004". Considering most health insurance plans do not cover medication , the consumer is faced with incurring very high expenses for good health.

Consumers remain ignorant of cost effective and quality sources for prescription drugs. Almost all major pharmaceuticals and medications , which sell into the United States under various brand names, sell the same drugs under the same or different brand names in developing countries for a fraction of the cost incurred by consumers in other developed countries.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, generic drugs save consumers an estimated $8 to $10 billion a year at retail pharmacies.  Even more billions are saved when hospitals use generics.

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Why Generic Drugs? 's aim is to give consumers worldwide the opportunity to purchase drugs and offer healthcare products at a more affordable price. We do this by offering branded drugs in their generic form to our customers.              More...

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